Quality Approach

Winch house is recognized for its high manufacturing quality. Quality assurance is an integral component of our product planning and design process. Our manufacturing units are equipped with latest technology and highly skilled work force. We ensure that our customers receive world class quality products and services. We have a dedicated Quality department, which audits the system and the product at every stage in the manufacturing cycle on a regular basis. Our winches comply with the latest international industry standards.

Research & Development

We constantly look for new ways to improve our products and services to meet customer needs. Customer feedback is given the utmost importance. We have a dedicated research & development team which closely monitors the industry to develop products that offer solutions for different applications. Winch House is known in the market for innovative winch solutions. We offer the highest quality products that distinguish themselves from others with uncompromising performance and maximum reliability at competitive cost.


Starting Input Torque

In order to lift a rated load upward from suspended position, static torque is applied to the input shaft of the winch.

Running Input Torque

Once lifted from the ground, the input shaft requires additional torque to maintain the constant upward movement of the suspended load.

Drum Storage Capacity

It refers to the maximum length of the cable, which may be wound the drum without exceeding the maximum number of layers. Usually it is expressed in terms of feet or meters.

Rated Line Pull

Rated Line Pull is the overall pulling capacity, which single line can handle on its own, without use of any type of snatch block or other device.This pull is measured on the ground with reference to pulling ground weight from the first layer of cable to the drum. It ensures structural safety while ensuring long operational life to the winch. It is expressed in terms of pounds or kilograms.

Rated Line Speed

Refers to the line speed on a particular layer, which is resultant of the rated inputs speeds and is measured in meters per minute. In simple terms, it is the length of the line, which a winch spools off on its drum in a minute.

Largest Recommended Wire Rope Size

It should not be more than 1/8th of the cable drum barrel diameter. Following this standard offers great assistance for recovery applications. For lifting applications, it varies from 1/14th to 1/32nd of the cable drum barrel diameter.

Free Spooling

Free Spooling refers to manual unwinding of the wire rope from cable drum by pulling the free end of drum, when the drum is detached from power train, This is offered in pulling or recovery winches only.