Winch House


Winch house manufactures the most comprehensive range of Hydraulic winches and Electric winches. Our range includes Pulling winches, Lifting winches, Heavy Duty Lifting Winch, Marine winches and customized winches. Some of the main components of our winches are as follows:

Hydraulic winches: Hydraulic drive motor (Radial, axial piston, and orbit motor), reduction gear box with disc brakes (Single/multiple stage planetary gears and worn/helical gear trains), free spooling drum, modular and compact design. Our marine winches are equipped with manually overstated dog clutch and manual band brakes or ratchet and pawl brakes.

Electric winches: Heavy duty series (heavy duty electric winch) wound motor, AC/DC power, automatic double cone brake, electromagnetic brakes, rotating ring gear clutch, modular and compact design, anti abrasive and anti corrosive properties.

Offered products are known for key features like maintenance free and low noise.